Dear Esprit Park Shoppers: Buyer Beware

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Folks who are considering shelling out a cool million for some lofts in the new Esprit Park development better make sure they have equal parts garage and car. Last weekend exemplifies the sort of feeding frenzy that goes on whenever Cafe Cocomo hosts a party, so new homeowners should expect to add side-window replacement to their Range Rover's cost of maintenance.

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That's right, twenty-one distinct piles of glass by a conservative count. Plus, I spotted another one I had missed today, but I don't know when it happened. Unfortunately, while last weekend is a new low (high?) water mark for car break-ins in a 36-hour period, it is by no means anomalous.

Having been victimized four times myself with car robberies in this Historic Dogpatch district, I am well acquainted with emergency $150 window replacements. And seeing the remnants of purse contents in the park almost every time I walk the dog, I know full well that a new batch of victims rolls into Cocomo every week.

The club loves to boast about "Plenty of Free Parking" on their website. Even the parking in downtown S.F. doesn't cost as much as a car window replacement. As long as they are pouring money into the club, Cocomo is happy not to pour adequate money into security for the blocks surrounding the club.

How do I know all these cars belonged to Cocomo-goers? Because no one lives down here. Yet. Indiana is totally devoid of residences from 19th to 22nd. There were nine smashed windows between 20th and 22nd on that street alone.

UCSF is opening a new data center in the middle of all this at 654 Minnesota. I doubt they will put up with it any more than the inhabitants of the 142 units at Esprit Park.

So what are the developers of Esprit Park, the UC Regents, the SFPD, and Sophie Maxwell going to do about it?

I suppose that the violent crime and murder rate in San Francisco is a lot more important. Oh that's right, Cafe Cocomo has murders, too.

It's time for Cafe Cocomo to get its act together or have its permit revoked.

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